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Senior Electrochemical Engineer

Boston area, Massachusetts
Primary responsibilities:

● Build and maintain electrochemistry R&D infrastructure
● Comprehensive modeling of electrochemical systems, optimization and sensitivity analysis, charge-rate/capacity optimization, capacitive EDL vs Faradaic electron transfer optimization. Analyze charge transfer, chemical reactions, flow patterns, etc.
● Simulation of different operational conditions (charge-rate, gas composition, temperature, pressure) using developed models
● Guide design and fabrication of electrochemical/chemical/mechanical systems – including electrochemical cells, stacking of cells, gas flow channel geometry, etc.
● Assist in the development of experimental protocols for testing of electrochemical systems – study of cycle life and calendar life of electrodes and cells; multi-step models to study degradation processes; design of custom-made testing equipment
● Data analysis for performance optimization – prototype to product translation
● Overall engineering support.

PhD in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or equivalent, with a focus on electrochemical systems and energy storage
● Laboratory experience of electrochemical techniques – CV, SWV, G/PITT, RDE, RRDE, CC/CV charge-discharge, EIS
● Advanced quantitative EIS interpretation – equivalent circuit design; data fitting
● Advanced quantitative understanding of electrochemical thermodynamics, kinetics and transport phenomena; interfacial phenomena; porous electrodes; double layer capacitance; charge transfer kinetics (with some quantum chemistry understanding), etc.
● Advanced mathematical knowledge (analytical and numerical solutions of PDEs, linear algebra, etc.); Mathematical modeling of complex electrochemical/chemical/mechanical systems
● Some experience in assembly of electrochemical cells (preferred) – fuel cells, flow cells, batteries, capacitors, etc.
● Some understanding of organic chemistry and reaction mechanism
● Excel, MATLAB (or equivalent), COMSOL (or equivalent), CAD software, data analysis, DigiElch (or equivalent), EIS simulation.
● Ability to work in cross-functional teams
● Strong oral and written communication skills
● Comfortable working in an evolutionary and dynamic startup environment

Dedicated to reversing climate change through the development and deployment of advanced technology. The company’s proprietary electro-swing process, developed at MIT, enables carbon dioxide and other acid gases to be captured with up to 80% less energy and 70% less cost than conventional approaches.
We are searching for an Electrochemical Engineer to join our R&D team. This position reports to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

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