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Battery Engineering and Sales job opportunities in US and Canada

United States & Canada, Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Michigan
The battery and energy storage industry is expanding rapidly across the US.

We have immediate job opportunities in the Greater Boston area for engineering professionals with the following skills and experience:

1) Anode Materials Engineer
2) Cathode Materials Engineer
3) Program Manager
4) Electrochemical Engineer - 1 senior, 3 junior
5) Lab Director
6) Director of Polymer Development
7) Director of Battery Development
8) Chemical Engineer - Lithium Extraction

$85k - $200k packages

We are also recruiting for some high profile, remotely based Sales positions in the Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania areas.

If you are an expert in Reserve Power, Data Centers, Batteries, UPS Systems, Telecommunications, and Utilities.  
$100k - $200k packages

We have a two immediate engineering job opportunities in Nova Scotia

1) Cell Engineer
2) Senior Cell Research Engineer/Scientist

$65k-$120k CAD

If you would like to learn more, please share your information via the link in this page.  We will contact you directly for a personal consultation and discussion of any particular position which aligns with your skill set and interests.

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More Openings

Regional Sales Manager
Director Battery Development
Senior Electrochemical Engineer
Lab Director

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